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YOUTH initiatives

The Jazzanooga Youth Music Academy (YMA) is a year-round music education program for students ages 12-17.

The goal of the youth music academy is to strengthen music education with out-of-school time opportunities for music instruction and performance.

YMA provides a cultural backdrop  for our students to actively engage in extensive music theory/instruction of Jazz and Blues, its history and relevance to our city and our American culture. 

Youth Music Academy meets weekly  beginning

in the fall of each year.

Besides the benefit of weekly instruction from music instructors from a variety of backgrounds, students have the opportunity to meet and work with live musicians and performers

who work in our local music scene.

Urban Arts Collective (UAC) is a comprehensive mobile after-school performing arts initiative that educates low-income and/or underserved Hamilton County students at all grade levels within the City of Chattanooga Youth and Family Development Centers.

After school sessions taught in the UAC cover a wide range of performance concentrations including spoken word poetry, dance, music, and drama.


The concept of UAC is derived from ongoing dialogues that Jazzanooga has hosted for the past couple of years with several local teaching artists/performers and nonprofit organizations within our community.


With their support, we have secured a well-established and professional creative team that serves as UAC’s Artists-In-Residence co- leading

the series of instructional classes and workshops

in partnership with local residents.


Chattanooga Region Entrepreneurial Artist Training Experience

Artists face a range of challenges to successfully pursue their passion. Some may not realize their talent or potential,

while others may not have the necessary resources to sustain their art. 


We collaborated with Co-Lab and offered the CoStarters curriculum specifically for our local creative community,

with a focus on minority creatives in a 8-week session series.

CREATE is holistic and appropriate for artists at all stages of their careers.


Based on an intensive intake process, we assist with the development of a strategic plan for each artist’s development,

including creative entrepreneur business development workshops, sourcing show or performance space, sponsorship opportunities,

creative classes to enhance their craft, and business or creative contacts to help sustain them as working, thriving artists.


Successful participants of CREATE will complete a final capstone project, which will be displayed or performed

during one of our many performance or gallery events throughout the year.


A ten week program focused on giving creatives of color a foundation in what it means to thrive as an independent contractor/creative entrepreneur.

The course covers legal structures, fundraising, grant writing, networking, and many other skills.

It also comes with the opportunity to earn up to $2,000, at completion of the course, to do an community arts project.

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