Chattanooga Region Entrepreneurial Artist Training Experience (CREATE)

CREATE is an entrepreneurial training program that provides creatives from under-represented communities with the contacts and knowledge necessary to become productive members of the creative entrepreneurial ecosystem. Starting with an intensive intake process, we develop a strategic plan for each participant's development, including creative entrepreneur business development workshops, sponsorship/funding opportunities, creative classes, and business contacts to help sustain their passion. 

CREATE engenders an innovative, diverse, and economically proactive network that connects creatives, community leaders, businesses, financiers, and educators together to provide space and opportunities in which aspiring creative entrepreneurs can practice, create, and learn. What is born from this space is the creation of a sustainability model for local creative entrepreneurs that have the passion and the drive, but not necessarily the tools required to sustain those passions.

Program activities include:

  • The Business of Art Accelerator, a collection of intensive sessions taught by creative and business leaders who have experience in both nonprofit and commercial environments. Participants expand their knowledge of and implement key concepts involved in goal-setting, brand-building, financial literacy and project budget creation, promotion, strategic planning, and project financing.

  • Connections through Networks, networking events involving RISE, our partners and program supporters, and potential financiers to connect CREATE participants with key individuals, organizations, and resources within the community.

  • Coaching and Consulting, connects participants to coaches in supportive industries such as development/fundraising, marketing, business development, and financial planning.

We believe that connecting like-minded individuals with motivation, positivity, and a great culturally inclusive environment are crucial to accomplishing goals. With our CREATE program, it’s all about meeting, connecting, creating, and taking advantage of any and all new opportunities.