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The Hub is a membership based, co-working community with two locations - The HIstoric MLK Neighborhood in Downtown Chattanooga and John A. Patten Center in Lookout Valley. Community members share the benefit of a series of programs focused on building capacity with a focus on creatives and artists of color in addition to work spaces, studios, rehearsal areas, conference rooms, as well as all of the resources needed to create projects, host events, and get creative work done.

We believe that connecting like-minded individuals with motivation, positivity, and a great culturally inclusive environment are crucial to accomplishing goals. At The Hub, it’s all about meeting, connecting, creating, and taking advantage of any and all new opportunities.


Whether you’re a dancer, visual artist, writer, performance poet, designer, freelancer or a growing startup, we have the space you need to inspire your most influential work. From open work areas for collaboration to private rooms for your next committee meeting, it’s time for you to find join The Hub.

Modern Workspace

Incubator Program -

A ten week program focused on giving creatives of color a foundation in what it means to thrive as an independent contractor/creative entrepreneur.

The course covers legal structures, fundraising, grant writing, networking, and many other skills. It also comes with the opportunity to earn up to $2,000, at completion of the course, to do an community arts project.


CoWorking Space -

Whether you need an a small quiet room, a place to rehearse your latest play, a studio to create that next masterpiece, or you’d just like to hang out on the couch and drink coffee, we have the space for you. Our locations in the historic MLK Neighborhood or Lookout Valley, are guaranteed to have the space you need, plus free coffee.


Fiscal Sponsorships -

Do you need help with receiving grant awards, or assistance in paying your collaborators. For a small fee, The Hub can serve as your fiduciary. We do this numerous times each year and enjoy assisting creatives in this way while they decide which legal structure best serves them.


Artist Residency and Exhibits -

As a member of The Hub, you’ll have opportunities to exhibit and spread the good news about your work, from the publication COCO to our new network of podcasts, AMPLIFY.  You will also have the opportunity to exhibit your work at either of our locations, or participate in performances organized by RISE, and apply to be a paid artist in residence for the Hub.


Our why  . . . 

The Hub is a program of RISE. Since our inception in 2011, R.I.S.E. has intentionally created opportunities that support the careers of creatives of color and women and enable their work to be more widely seen and their practices to develop and expand. 

From showcasing local talent in our music festivals to providing creative spaces for the community to present their works, RISE continues to enlighten Chattanooga’s cultural landscape by investing in our city’s creative communities of color.

We continue to invest in initiatives that offer career exposure and preparedness opportunities to next generation arts professionals of color. We work to ensure that the reach, impact and stewardship of institutions in the arts and creative sector reflect the region’s full talent pool, is accessible to all residents, and enriches all communities. We hope our efforts will lead to increased exposure, employment, and career mobility of current and next-generation arts professionals of  women and color.

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