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Community volunteers are a core component of our series and we are truly appreciative to have you come experience a one-of-a-kind involvement that you’ll never forget.


The time spent in company with other like-minded people from around our community can increase your excitement about music and motivate you to try new things.


  • A custom Volunteer T-Shirt to wear while volunteering and take home

  • FREE snack and refreshment area during your volunteer time

  • Exclusive Community Volunteer Party at end of series

  • Our undying gratitude

There are a range of volunteer opportunities to help us make sure that we can continue to offer free live music programming like;

VIP Assistants—this means you work with organizers and other special guests, helping them navigate where to go, answering their questions, setting up/breaking down areas if needed and solving problems.

Stage Assistants—this job involves helping performers before and after their set.

Street Outreach Assistants - this job involves going out in the community spreading the word about the series by distributing flyers, brochures and other printed materials



For more information on how to register, contact us at

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